Bee Control Northwest - Bee and Wasp Control | Portland, OR

One Year Guarantee

All our work is guaranteed for one year with the exception of our work with wasps. Our wasp control is guaranteed for three months.

24/7 Emergency Service

If you're having a bee emergency, call us as soon as possible!

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"Wasps had built a nest in the airspace above the ceiling and bored a tiny hole in the ceiling. When we came home several dozen had squeezed through the hole and were flying around the living room. The owner of Bee Control NW was only 20 minutes away when I called and he arrived promptly. He sprayed 2 different insecticide powders into the airspace and applied a temporary patch. He said all of the wasps would be dead in about 2 hours, including the ones returning to the nest, and that appeared to be true. Have not had any problems since."

- Anthony, Canby



"If you ever need services related to wasp or bee removal this is your man. Bill knows more about wasps and bees than you'll ever want to know. He came out and did a thorough job of treating and removing wasp nests and also informed me of ways to deter future nest growth without the use of sprays or pesticides."

- David, Oregon City



"After being stung 5 times, it was time to call someone. Bee Control NW got here within hours of my call, found the underground yellow Jacket nest and eliminated the problem. Friendly, efficient, prompt and all at a fair price. I would definitely use them again (but hope I don't need to)."

- Joseph, West Linn



"I called and he was just about to get on the freeway to go to the other side of town. Instead, he came to my house within 15 minutes. The nest I called about was in the ground in a big hedge. He killed that one and then walked around and checked the rest of my yard. He found another nest and killed it too. He was very professional and friendly and he spent some time answering my questions about bees. I would definitely hire him again."

- Gayle, N.E. Portland


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