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Yellow Jackets

When yellow jacket queens first start their nest in the spring the nests are quite small, like a golf ball. Towards fall their nests can be very large. We've been in attics where the outer paper coating of the nest was five feet in diameter. However, most nests get to be just a bit bigger than a basketball with just over a thousand yellow jackets in them. At the end of their cycle the queen will raise other queens for next year. Those queens leave the nest to find a place to individually hibernate for the winter, while the original nest dies out, never to be used again.


Yellow jackets are very aggressive and should be left to a professional to deal with. If you find them going in and out of a hole in your house you should have it exterminated immediately. They have a mandible like a carpenter ant and can chew through your wall quite easily. In most cases they'll take a couple of weeks to do so, but if you spray their outside hole with a can of spray or caulk it, and they get desperate for another way out, they can come through much sooner.

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